Some Christians in India Face Beatings and Fines for Worshiping Jesus

Christians living in Hunter village in the Indian state of Jharkhand are facing dual threats from police who are barring them from worshiping and Hindu radicals who are threatening to kill them.

CHR Comment: Jharkhand land is in eastern India, near Bangladesh where similar threats and murders of Christians have taken place. However, in Jharkhand the threats are coming from Hindus rather than Muslims.

I’ve added a link to another, related story from this region.

Source: Christians in India Face Fines for Worshiping Jesus After Hindu Radicals Threaten to Kill Them


2 thoughts on “Some Christians in India Face Beatings and Fines for Worshiping Jesus

  1. i think writing such provocative blogs will help no one. Churches flourish in India. A secular state unlike many which Impose Taxes under the guise of Religion.


  2. Thanks, Mukul Chand, for your comment about the flourishing of churches in India—that is good news! I agree that Indian churches are flourishing despite difficulties they face from some persons in Indian society. News outlines such as Religion News Today also included this story about persecution ( For my blog I collect news stories about church life from around the world so that I can track developments as they happen, which is why I collected and commented on this story. At the end of 2016 I will write a summary of events and developments, which is the larger purpose of the site, to write the history of the church in real time.


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