Hungary Seeks to Aid Persecuted Christians

Hungary says it is setting up a special department to coordinate the assistance and rescue of persecuted Christians around the world.

CHR Comments: The comments from Janos Lazar followed a meeting with Eastern Christians at Rome. Additionally, the Hungarian Prime Minster expressed concern about assimilating Muslims refugees.

Source: Hungary seeks to aid persecuted Christians around the world – The Washington Post

Christian Camp Leaders Detained in China

The Communist Party in China, which is leading a crackdown on Christians, detained two Christian summer camp leaders in the northwestern Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and accused them of trying to brainwash children.

CHR Comment: According to the report, Chinese officials viewed Christian beliefs as superstitions.

Source: China’s Communist Party Detained Christian Camp Leaders, Accused Them of Brainwashing Children

European Union Worldview Challenged

The European Union will hold a summit without the United Kingdom on Friday.

CHR Comment: Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban comments in the article about European Union attitudes toward Christianity, judging that it is not modern. Orban’s comments suggest that the Union promotes a different worldview that is finally hostile to Christianity.

Source: EU’s first summit since Brexit could show cracks in group’s unity

World Vision May Have Funded Hamas

The Christian charity World Vision has laid off 120 Gaza employees and shut down its projects in the region after indictment of one of its employees by Israel for allegedly funnelling millions of dollars from its budget to the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas.

CHR Comment: The Israeli authorities allege that Mohammad El Halabi infiltrated the Christian charity and then distributed about 60% of the donations to Hamas.

Source: World Vision Shuts Down Gaza Office After Employee Indicted for Redirecting Millions to Hamas

Seven Follow-Ups on 10 Reasons for Christian Decline

Seven lessons learned through dialogue about Christian decline in America.

CHR Comment: The article delivers something other than the first article suggested. It includes seven points of dialogue with persons who read the first article rather than clearly stating seven ways to address Christian decline in America. In the following list, I try to bring out the authors proposed solutions more clearly:

  1. Defend the faith by pointing to its good works rather than using apologetic arguments.
  2. Explain science and Christianity in ways where one does not cancel out the other.
  3. End Christian triumphalism (the suggestion that Christianity has done no wrong).
  4. Disassociate from the Christian Right in politics.
  5. Practice tolerant Christianity toward other religions.
  6. Rediscover the Christian message, which can no longer be a mission to save the world from “dark heathenism.”
  7. Do not promote authoritarian Christianity.

This is an interesting set of suggestions, which shows the author to be a member of the Christian Left in politics. I wonder how Christians on the right and the left might learn from the author’s observations and suggestions? What would your congregation do differently (or not)?

Source: Seven follow-ups on 10 reasons for Christian decline | Religion News Service

Clinton Describes Her ‘Activist, Social Justice Faith’ to Baptists

(RNS) Hillary Clinton quoted Scripture, hymns and even St. Francis of Assisi as she spoke at length about her faith — something she said doesn’t come naturally to a ‘Midwestern Methodist.’

CHR Comment: The article includes extensive comment on the candidates beliefs and experiences as a Methodist Christian. She addressed the National Baptist Convention, one of the oldest African American denominations.

Source: Clinton describes her ‘activist, social justice faith’ to Baptists | Religion News Service