Church History Timelines (61)

Students of church history find timelines helpful, especially when exploring an unfamiliar era or topic. Nevertheless, timelines also present problems for historians. For example, what events and dates should one include when presenting a summary of history? How much detail should one include? As the following list of examples demonstrates, historians reach very different conclusions. This broad selection of timelines is presented as potentially helpful resources rather than as ideal examples. For those seeking more specific or topical timelines, studying the collection below may help one discover helpful search terms. The collection also illustrates many formats for timeline presentation.

Hit ctrl-f to search the page with your browser “Find” tool. Timelines are arranged according to the following categories:

Comprehensive Timelines

Eras of Church History

Denominational Timelines

Topical Timelines


Comprehensive Timelines

Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry Outline. From birth of Jesus to 2006 persecution, presented in outline format and focused on key figures. Bibliographic references at the end.

Christianity in View. From Abraham to Pope Francis.

Christianity Timeline. A Wikipedia article arranged by eras, extending from the birth of Jesus to Pope Francis. More entries and detail.

Church History Timeline. provides multiple pages from the Old Testament to the twenty-first century. Click on the dates of interest.

Church History Timeline. Opens for various eras of church history with a new page of detail appearing below the outline. Brief entries, nicely designed. Organized into pages dedicated to eras of church history. The designer’s name and bibliographic resources are included on the pages.

Timeline of Christianity., from the birth of Jesus to the Berlin Wall.

Timeline of Church History. Begins with a chart overview followed by a chronology of events from Pentecost to 2005.

Eras of Church History

Ancient and Medieval Interactive Timeline. Designed to display entries as a slideshow or as a list; includes visuals. From Rome’s conquest of Israel (63 BC) to the Council of Constance (AD 1414).

Early Church History Chart. A Preceden timeline including topics from, a Roman Catholic website.

Medieval Church. A Flash media presentation created by the British Library, which includes elements of church history.

Reformation 500. A timeline and website created for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, prepared by a Lutheran seminary.

Reformation History. A slideshow presentation created by

Reformation Timeline. From the late medieval period to the Thirty Years War. Created by Bibliographic reference included.

Denominational Timelines


Antiochian Orthodox.

Armenian Church.

Baptist and Reformed History.

Catholic Church History Chart.

Catholic Church History. AD 1 to 500.

Catholic Church.

Catholic PDF Timeline.

Church of the East.

Christian Missionary and Alliance.

Coptic History.

Episcopal Church History.

Genuine Orthodox Church in America.

Methodism in Black and White.

Methodist Church. SMU

Methodist History.

Orthodox Church.

Orthodox Wiki Timeline.

Orthodoxy in Russia.

Our Catholic Faith.


United Church of Canada.

Topical Timelines

African American Church History.


Australian Catholics.

Black Catholic History.

Catholic Antisemitism.

Catholic Church in Australia.

Catholic-Orthodox Relations.

Christianity and Judaism.

Denominational Family Tree.

Ecumenical Movement.

English Bible.

English Reformation.

Faith in America.

From Jesus to Christ. Timeline for a Frontline Documentary.

Gospel of Judas.

Hispanic Catholics.

Life of Martin Luther.

Martin Luther’s Life.

Methodist Women.

Papal Timeline.

Persecution in the Early Church.

Priest Abuse.

St. Nicholas.

Tudor Religion (England).

U.S. Church Sex Scandal.