Christians Face ‘Pervasive And Long-Standing Persecution’ In Burma

The US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) today issues a stark warning about lack of religious freedom in Burma, where, it says, Christianity is institutionally discriminated against and Buddhism has been elevated to the de facto state religion.

Source: Christians Face ‘Pervasive And Long-Standing Persecution’ In Burma | Christian News on Christian Today


Canadian Christian Law School Fights Accreditation Ban

A Christian university in Canada is appealing a court ruling banning its accreditation because the school opposes homosexuality.

CHR Comment: Trinity Western University uses a “community covenant” wherein members of the campus community solemnly pledge to abstain from certain behaviors including sins like lying, gossip, obscene speech, stealing, etc. (applications of the Ten Commandments and other biblical teachings). Canadian courts have thus far ruled in favor of the school’s religious freedom to use the community covenant.

Source: Canadian Christian Law School Fights Accreditation Ban Over Opposition to Homosexuality

Crowded Churches in Paris

On Sunday, with the city in a reflective mood, churches were packed, and many headed to the statue of Marianne, the symbol of the French Republic.

CHR Comment: As a modern, secularized nation, churches in France are normally nearly empty. According to Sara Miller Llana and Jason Walsh, churches were packed on Sunday with only standing room at the back. People were drawn to church, as well other public venues, in their search for meaning and comfort. One wonders whether the ideological clash between Islam and western freedom will lead to a renewal of church life, which teaches freedom through God’s forgiveness in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Source: In churches, plazas, playgrounds, Parisians find strength in gathering –

Supreme Court Is Taking Up Obamacare contraceptive mandate Again

By agreeing Friday to hear a new case on the Obama contraception mandate, the Supreme Court will consider a different aspect of religious freedom and workers’ rights.

CHR Comment: This case represents an important decision about religious rights in the United States since the burdens imposed by the government are so difficult for small religious organizations, such as the Little Sisters of the Poor, to oppose. The case will likely set an important precedent as the United States has moved toward large government programs and policies that can easily tramp individual and small group rights.

Source: Why Supreme Court is taking up Obamacare contraceptive mandate again –

Houston’s Gay Rights Measure Turned Back by Religious Conservatives

LGBT Americans are looking for more protections, and so are religious conservatives. The challenge, legal experts say, is to find a way out of all-or-nothing politics. Utah might show one way.

CHR Comment: Efforts to pass new measures were hindered by problems in the legislation, which religious conservatives pointed out to the voters. Christians in Houston are concerned for their religious freedoms. The article references the “Utah Compromise” as a way of passing protections for homosexuals and also protecting religious freedoms.

Source: Houston’s angry debate over gay rights can be avoided. Here’s how. –