Muslim-Christian Clash in Central African Republic

At least six people have been killed in fighting between rival rebel groups in the Central African Republic, the UN mission in the country says.

CHR Comment: The violence began when Muslims ousted the president in 2013. Christian militias responded and there has been continued conflict ever since. The latest violence was Muslims against Christians. I have added a second link below that reports the number of deaths as 26.

Source: Central African Republic rival rebels clash in Kaga Bandoro – BBC News


Muslim Migrants Converting to Christianity in Switzerland

Increasing numbers of Muslim refugees to Switzerland and Germany are converting to Christianity, according to reports from the region.

CHR Comment: Two reasons for the conversions are given: (1) changing world views as persons raised Muslim reject radical Islam and its violent tendencies and (2) persons who were secretly Christians in their homelands now receiving Baptism for the first time.

Source: Muslim migrants are converting to Christianity in Switzerland | Christian News on Christian Today

Parents Reject Children as ‘Infidels’ in Uganda

Eight children from a village in Uganda were beaten by their Muslim families and cast away as “infidels” after giving their lives to Jesus Christ.

CHR Comment: The stories here are a bit confusing. One wonders, for example, how the children are spending so much time with the Christian ministers without the parents knowing about it. Why do the parents only become concerned after the conversions? There seem to be some missing elements in the stories, which require further explanation.

Source: 8 Children Beaten, Rejected by Parents as ‘Infidels’ in Uganda for Converting to Christianity

Thousands of Muslims in Bangladesh Reportedly Converting to Christianity

Christian persecution in Bangladesh hasn’t waned, but surprisingly, the number of Muslims converting to Christianity in the South Asian country has been increasing over the years.

CHR Comment: The increasing number of Christians occurs in opposition to persecution. The article describes how new Christians meet in house churches that are not marked as churches due to the possibility of persecution. There are also reports out of Europe that Muslim immigrants are seeking Baptism.  Missionaries used to describe the challenge of reaching Muslims with the Gospel. Today it appears that more Muslims are welcoming the Gospel.

Source: Thousands of Muslims in Bangladesh reportedly converting to Christianity | Christian News on Christian Today

Christian Girls Kidnapped in Egypt

A mass wave of Christian girls and women are being kidnapped and raped by Muslim men in Upper Egypt, a persecution watchdog group has warned.

CHR Comment: The article details the experience of one girl while referring to reports of numerous other incidents. It also refers to the destruction of historic churches in Egypt. In 2015 Al-Our was the proposed site for a new church dedicated to recent Coptic martyrs. However, the proposed project brought violent protests from Muslims. See second link below.

I’ve added a third story  below about Al-Our.

Source: Christian Girl Reveals Horrors of Muslim Mob in Egypt Kidnapping, Raping Women

Muslim Villagers Building Church in Pakistan

Muslim villagers in a Pakistani community are helping to build a church for their Christian neighbors, seeking to show peace and solidarity in a country deeply troubled by religious persecution of minorities.

CHR Comment: Pakistani Christians have too often suffered at the hands of their Muslim neighbors. The peaceful relations in Khaksabad are encouraging to see. Hopefully efforts toward peace can multiply. The church in Khaksabad was destroyed by weather, not by violence.

The story explains that Muslims in Khaksabad behave differently and perhaps believe differently too since one of the persons interviewed expressed that Christians and Muslims have the same God. However, many Christian and Muslim leaders would not agree that they worship the same God since Christians believe that God is triune and Muslims reject the doctrine of the Trinity.

Source: Muslim Villagers Building Church in Pakistan Claim Christians, Muslims ‘Worship Same God’

Catholics and Muslims Alike Pray at Shrine to Mary

The Blessed Virgin has become a “symbol of unity” in Lebanon.

CHR Comment: The Shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon draws both Catholics and Muslims who honor Mary in different ways. The article points out how often Mary is mentioned in the Quran, which has a significant focus on Mary. This is likely due to the rising importance of Mary as a saint and example in early Christianity, which in turn influenced Mohammed as he wrote the Quran.

Source: Why Catholics And Muslims Alike Come To Pray At This Shrine To Mary

Over 300 Christians Assaulted by Muslims at Refugee Camps in Germany, Report Reveals

There have been over 300 incidents of Christians being physically or sexually assaulted by Muslims in refugee camps in Germany, while thousands of other Christians are facing persecution in many different ways, a report has warned.

CHR Comment: The Open Doors report is based on interviews with Christian refugees who are living alongside Muslim refugees in camps. The article also asserts that German authorities may not air such incidents due to political tensions surrounding the welcome of refugees into Germany.

Source: Over 300 Christians Assaulted by Muslims at Refugee Camps in Germany, Report Reveals

Kenya’s Garissa University Reopens

Kenya’s Garissa University College officially reopens, nine months after the killing of nearly 150 people, mainly students, in an attack by militant Islamist group al-Shabab.

CHR Comment: The attacks just before Easter last year specifically targeted Christians and is a good example of how African Christians continually face persecution in warring Africa. Garissa University is a public institution, not a Christian school.

Source: Kenya’s Garissa university reopens after deadly al-Shabab attack – BBC News