Maps and Infographics for Church History (40)

Maps are arranged chronologically. Hit ctrl-f to search the page with your browser “Find” tool.


Animated Maps for Church History. University of Edinburgh Divinity School

Maps by Ian Mladjov. University of Michigan History Department. Search for Roman Period and Late Antiquity.

Maps Etc. European Maps. From 1066 AD and Following.

University of Texas at Austin Map Collection.


c. 30 AD to 400 AD Spread of Christianity

First Christian Communities. Animated Map

c. 117 Roman Mediterranean

118 Roman East

250 to 400 Roman Empire

c. 271 Roman Third Century Crisis

285 to 451 Late Roman Empire and Barbarian Kingdoms

293 to 305 The Tetrachy

311 to 312 Tetrachy after Death of Galarius

395 Roman Empire at Death of Theodosius I

c. 400 Religions in the Mediterranean Region

c. 450 Roman Empire: Orthodoxy and Heresy

450 to 535 Germanic Kingdoms and Later Germanic Migrations

565 Justinian’s Reconquests

636 to 731 Arab Conquests

c. 800 Missionaries to Northern Europe

c. 800 Carolingian Churches

c. 800 Carolingian Europe

814 Carolingian Empire

814 Carolingian Empire

909 Cluny Monastery Influence

1016 to 1085 Norman Conquests

1099 to 1291 Kingdom of Jerusalem

c. 1100 to 1150 Cathedral Schools

1150 to 1492 Conquests of Spain

c. 1260 Papal States

c. 1270 Universities

c. 1300 European Trade

c. 1300 France

c. 1350 Italian States

1378 to 1415 Great Schism

c. 1400 Christianization of Europe

c. 1400 European Trade

1517 to 1648 Reformation Europe

Reformation Maps (Wittenberg and Central Europe)


500 Years of Virgin Mary Sightings

American Congregation 2015 Study

Church Attendance by Nation, 2012

Timeline of Christianity

Persecution of Christians, 2016 World Watch List Map and Infographic

English Bible Translations Distinguished


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