Christians In Nigeria Suffer Attacks By Fulani Herdsmen

Christians in a town in Nigeria are living in a state of shock and fear after Fulani herdsmen launched back-to-back attacks on their community in the past days, leaving over 40 people dead.

Source: Christians In Nigeria Devastated After Suffering Back-To-Back Attacks By Fulani Herdsmen | Christian News on Christian Today


Some Christians in India Face Beatings and Fines for Worshiping Jesus

Christians living in Hunter village in the Indian state of Jharkhand are facing dual threats from police who are barring them from worshiping and Hindu radicals who are threatening to kill them.

CHR Comment: Jharkhand land is in eastern India, near Bangladesh where similar threats and murders of Christians have taken place. However, in Jharkhand the threats are coming from Hindus rather than Muslims.

I’ve added a link to another, related story from this region.

Source: Christians in India Face Fines for Worshiping Jesus After Hindu Radicals Threaten to Kill Them

Pastor Beaten in Pakistan

Police barged into the United Christian Church in Lahore, Pakistan last Sunday, and brutally attacked the lead pastor in response to a complaint about alleged noise levels from the church’s sound system.

CHR Comment: The article describes the complaint to police as falsely based and as an excuse for the police officer to disrupt the church service. The congregation reported the incident and local officials have promised action against the persecutors.

Persecution of Christians is increasing in Pakistan. According to the last portion of the article, Open Doors reported last year that Pakistan was ranked eighth most severe among those nations where persecution of Christians occurs.

Source: Pastor Beaten During Church Service Amid Rising Persecution in Pakistan

29 Christians Attacked by Hindu Extremists

Hindu extremists have beaten and tortured 29 Christians who refused to deny their faith in Christ in the village of Katholi in India, reports say.

CHR Comment: The article notes that Christian communities are growing in India at the same time that Hinduism is trying to assert its traditional hold on India. This naturally leads to conflict and persecution of minorities such as Christians.

Source: 29 Christians Tortured by Hindu Extremists for Refusing to Forsake Christ

Boko Haram Attacks Force 50,000 to Flee Homes

More than 50,000 people have been forced to flee their homes in southeastern Niger after a series of attacks by Islamic extremist group Boko Haram, the United Nations refugee agency said Tuesday.

CHR Comment: The article does not describe the religious character of the violence in Nigeria. Boko Haram is an Islamic militant group whose name means “western education is forbidden.” The group is notorious for its attacks upon Christians and other non-Muslims. The second link takes you to the 2015 church history summary, which describes Boko Haram as the bloodiest jihadist group of that year.

In the picture above, the boy holds a French sign saying , “Je suis Diffa” (“I am Diffa”), which refers to the region of Nigeria attacked.

Source: Boko Haram attacks force 50,000 people to flee homes in Niger

Muslim Mob in Egypt Attacks Christians

An armed Muslim mob stripped an elderly Christian woman and paraded her naked on the streets amid rumors.

CHR Comment: The article illustrates relationship taboos in Egypt without indicating what exactly the laws of the nation are. The 70-year old woman in the story did not have an affair. The accusation was against her son, an Orthodox Coptic Christian, and a Muslim woman. The mob attacked a dozen homes and chanted slogans against Christians as infidels. A number of persons from the mob have been arrested.

Source: Muslim Mob in Egypt Attacks Christians, Parades Naked Woman – NBC News

Why Chicago Pastors Reject Mayor Emanuel’s ‘Olive Branch of Peace’

Several Chicago pastors held a press conference this morning, demanding that footage depicting another white police officer shooting an unarmed black teenager be released to the public.

CHR Comment: Three pastors are circulating a petition to remove Mayor Emanuel from office due to the handling of an investigation into a police shooting. While the pastors express concern for social justice, the mayor is likely concerned to keep civil order in a tense situation.

Source: Why Chicago pastors reject Mayor Emanuel’s ‘olive branch of peace’ –