Bible Scenes Uncovered in Ruins of Ancient Synagogue

On a hill above the Sea of Galilee in northern Israel, archaeologists have discovered one amazing floor mosaic after another.

CHR Comment: These synagogue mosaics are described as “Roman Era,” which makes them contemporary with the rise of Christianity in the Near East. They illustrate the character of Judaism and worship at this time.

Source: Bible Scenes Uncovered in Ruins of Ancient Synagogue


Praying During Times of Tragedy

Why do Christians keep offering prayers every time there is an act of terror, civil unrest or a natural disaster? To many in our world, praying to God at times like these seems foolish and even ina…

CHR Comment: Recent political comments about turning to prayer in times of tragedy sparked this helpful article on why Christians turn to God in prayer. The article illustrates that prayer is not inaction but a most appropriate action for a Christian to take.

Source: Praying During Times of Tragedy

Lord’s Prayer May Cause Offense

The Church of England is threatening legal action over the rejection of a one-minute film featuring the Lord’s Prayer that it wanted to run before showings of the new Star Wars film that opens shortly before Christmas.

CHR Comment: The Lord’s Prayer is perhaps the most widely known text of the Bible since it is memorized and most frequently repeated among Christians. The smartly placed ad was rejected by Digital Cinema Media.

Source: Church of England fighting ban of ‘Lord’s Prayer’ film spot | Fox

How Do Americans See Sacred Texts?

Americans see the Christian Bible and the Muslim Quran in very different ways.

CHR Comment: The survey focuses on the Bible and the Quran and whether these texts are beneficial or harmful to American life. Not surprisingly, the Bible is much preferred, though the author proposes that there will be an increasingly negative view of the Bible in the future.

Source: How Do Americans See Sacred Texts? New Data From LifeWay Research | The Exchange | A Blog by Ed Stetzer

Controversial Noah’s Ark Theme Park Slated To Open July 2016

“It’s going to be the biggest timber-frame building in the world. And I think people will come to see it just from the perspective of even the architecture and the engineering.”

CHR Comment: The Creation Museum folks are building a second site to be located in Williamstown, KY. Spokesman Ken Ham describes the character of the park. The ark will be the largest timber framed building in the world.

Source: Controversial Noah’s Ark Theme Park Slated To Open July 2016

Oldest King James Bible Draft Discovered

The earliest-known draft of the King James Bible offers clues to understanding how the volume was put together.

Source: Oldest King James Bible draft discovered: Did translators work alone? –

The researcher raises questions about whether the translators worked on teams or as individuals. The notes likely indicate that both happened. One can easily imagine individuals doing research independently and then sharing it with the group. That is still common practice today since most translations are prepared by editorial committees.

New International Version Bible at 50 Years

This is an award winning site for one of the current, more widely used English Bible translation, which in recent years became controversial because it adopted inclusive language for its latest edition. (Instead of distinguishing “he” and “she” as often happens in the Hebrew or Greek, they chose to make passages gender neutral.) Owners of the NIV would not allow publishers to continue using earlier editions if they did not agree with the inclusive language approach.

NIV Bible / New International Version Bible NIV Bible.