Journals for Church History (22)

journalsMany of the following sites include the table of contents for their latest journal and may also include abstracts or previews. To see a full issue one must subscribe.

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Annuarium Historiae Conciliorum. Roman Catholic international journal publishing articles on church councils in a wide variety of languages.

Baptist History and Heritage. Helping Baptists discover, conserve, assess, and share their history.

Books and Culture: A Christian Review. Published by Christianity Today.

Bulletin de la Societe de l’Histoire du Protestantisme Francais. Published by a society dedicated to the preservation of documents and objects connected to French Protestantism.

Church History: Studies in Christianity and Culture. Journal of the American Society of Church Historians.

Church History and Religious Culture. Articles in church history as well as other specialized, related areas. Formerly titled Nederlands Archief voor Kerkgeschiedenis.

Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly. Articles on the history of Lutheranism in America.

Early Christianity. Articles on Christianity and Christian literature in its first and second century context without distinguishing the New Testament from other early Christian writings.

Fides et Historia. Published by the Conference on Faith and History.

Indian Church History Review. Publishes studies on Christianity in India.

Journal of Early Christian Studies. Focuses on the study of Christianity in the context of late ancient societies and religions from C.E. 100-700.

Journal of Ecclesiastical History. British journal covering all periods of church history.

Journal of Religious History. Australian journal published by the Religious History Association.

Journal for the History of Modern Theology. Publishes English and German articles on the history of theology since the Enlightenment.

Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies. Articles on European and west Asian culture from late antiquity to the seventeenth century.

Journal of the United Reformed Church History Society. Articles on British, Welsh, and Scotch churches that merged into the United Reformed Church.

Medium Aevam. Published by the Society for the Study of Medieval Languages and Literature, promoting study of the cultures and intellectual life of the medieval world. Open access article.

Reformation and Renaissance Review. Published by the Society of Reformation Studies and focused on religion during the Reformation and Renaissance.

Revue d’histoire ecclesiastique. Publishes articles on all eras of church history in English, French, German, Spanish, or Italian.

Sixteenth Century Journal. A journal of early modern studies published by the Sixteenth Century Society.

Speculum. Published by the Medieval Academy of America.

Vigiliae Christianae. Articles and short notes of an historical, cultural, linguistic or philological nature on early Christian literature written after the New Testament, as well as on Christian epigraphy and archaeology.



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