Taiwan: Earliest Catholic grave in Asia-Pacific unearthed


Excavation of an early 17th Century grave has revealed a body buried with its hands in prayer.

CHR Comment: Spanish colonists tried to gain power but ultimately failed.

Source: Taiwan: Earliest Catholic grave in Asia-Pacific unearthed


Archbishop Chaput


Recent, ugly nonsense about those who supposedly cannot refrain from sinful sexual relations is pastoral cruelty disguised as kindness. The voice of Archbishop Chaput, by contrast, strikes a welcome and profound note of clarity and true compassion.

CHR Comment: A brief essay concerning the Archbishop’s recent book, Strangers in a Strange Land, reflecting also on the importance of this bishop.

Source: A Book for Me and All Protestants to Read | Carl R. Trueman | First Things

Pope: Resistance to Vatican reform inspired by devil

It marked the third consecutive year that the pope has slammed the highest levels of the Catholic Church’s administration in his annual holiday greeting at the Vatican.

CHR Comment: The pope’s comments perhaps illustrate his rising frustration as he attempts reforms. Conservative Catholics are not accepting Francis’s modernism; liberal Catholics are waiting for more substantial changes and not receiving them.

Source: Pope: Resistance to Vatican reform inspired by devil