Christians in Iceland Don’t Believe God Created the World

Why are young Icelanders so different from young Americans?

CHR Comment: In a recent survey, all Icelanders under the age of 34 answered that they do not believe God created the world. However, a number of these same persons responded that they were Christians. The survey perhaps does not distinguish well between belief that God directly created with world, as described in Genesis, and God creating the world through theoretical processes such as the big bang and evolution. Nevertheless, the article describes the rapid secularization of Iceland and the equally rapid decline of the Lutheran state church in that nation.

Iceland is an exception globally as the percentage of religious persons below age 34 has actually risen worldwide.

Source: In this country, literally no young Christians believe that God created the Earth – The Washington Post


Controversial Noah’s Ark Theme Park Slated To Open July 2016

“It’s going to be the biggest timber-frame building in the world. And I think people will come to see it just from the perspective of even the architecture and the engineering.”

CHR Comment: The Creation Museum folks are building a second site to be located in Williamstown, KY. Spokesman Ken Ham describes the character of the park. The ark will be the largest timber framed building in the world.

Source: Controversial Noah’s Ark Theme Park Slated To Open July 2016

Pres. Candidate, Ben Carson, Believes God Created Us

Carson: The more you know God the more you know the way things work, including human body.

CHR Comment: Presidential Candidate, Ben Carson, spoke at a Madison, TN megachurch on Sunday and described his personal belief that God created human beings. According to the article, Carson is a Seventh Day Adventist, a type of Baptist. Below you will find a link to the Cornerstone church’s website, which shows that it is an Assemblies of God church. They are┬áconservative Pentecostals who have become very involved in Republican politics.

Source: Ben Carson touts creationism during Nashville speech