ISIL issues hit list of U.S. churches for holiday attacks

The Islamic State published the names and addresses of thousands of churches in the United States and called on its adherents to attack them during the holiday season, according to a message posted late-night Wednesday in the group’s “Secrets of Jiha

CHR Comment: The article does not include a list of the churches that were suggested as targets but they were found across country. These attacks did not take place. ISIS was perhaps hoping that their publication of a list would inspire action by resident disciples of their movement.

Source: ISIL issues hit list of U.S. churches for holiday attacks


Vice Presidential Candidates Have Faith-Filled Lives

Democrat Tim Kaine and Republican Mike Pence – both raised Catholic, one now born-again Christian – see religious faith as central to their public service.

CHR Comment: The article describes the faith and faith-driven activities of the vice presidential candidates contrasting one as focused on “thou shalt not” and the other as focused on “thou must.” One wonders whether a reporter with greater empathy might have been found for this article. I have noticed numerous Facebook comments from persons expressing interest in having these candidates as the presidential candidates instead of the current candidates.

Source: In vice presidential debate, two portraits of faith-filled lives –

Tim Kaine, Devout Catholic

The Virginia senator, who previously served as mayor of Richmond, talks with the Monitor about how his faith shapes his politics – and motivates him to address social and racial injustice.

CHR Comment: Two articles about the religious views of Vice Presidential nominee, Tim Kaine. Kaine represents many values appreciated by American Catholics while also distinguishing his personal views about right and wrong from those passed into law (e.g., on topics such as abortion and gay marriage). Like Methodist Hilary Clinton, Kaine emphasizes social justice.

Source: Clinton picks Tim Kaine, devout Catholic and bridge-builder (+video) –

Thousands of Atheists to Rally on the National Mall

CHR Comment: The concern of the atheists, agnostics, and others who gather is the separation of church and state. They hold that reason and science should guide policy rather than religious ideology. A similar rally was held in 2012 with about 10,000 people attending.

The article also notes that 90% of congressmen identify themselves as Christians. Many of the other 10% are likely Jewish. Only one member of congress does not have a religious affiliation: Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.).

Source: What Happens When Thousands Of Atheists Get Together On The National Mall?

Wife of Pastor Freed from Iran Details Marriage Conflict

Pastor Saeed Abedini was imprisoned in Iran for 3 ½ years.

CHR Comment: The unusual running story of Saeed Abedini, who was arrested and held in Iraq for proselytizing, continues to be confusing and unclear. Pastor Abedini was released in the prisoner exchange between Iran and the U.S. but is returning home to a household in distress since his wife has describe him as abusive. I usually do not post about stories like this but it keeps appearing in the news so I decided to record it. Lord, have mercy.

Source: Wife of pastor freed from Iran details marriage conflict

Education Secretary Delivers Final Address from Church Basement

Arne Duncan did not go quietly. In his final speech as U. S. Education Secretary, Duncan on Wednesday delivered a blunt, wide-ranging, sometimes unsparing address.

CHR Comment: Duncan spoke from the basement of Saint Sabina Catholic Church, on the south side of Chicago. The church is home to a private school, Saint Sabina Academy, for grades K through 8. His comments focused on improving safety and conditions for students.

Source: In farewell, Duncan chides ‘collective failure’ to protect kids

Christians Rank Ahead of Muslims for Religious Rights Protection in US

Protecting the religious liberty of Christians ranked highest among people in the U.S., while Muslims and atheists were at the bottom of a new survey.

CHR Comment: The survey shows that more Americans were concerned about the rights of Christians than for other religious groups. However, the results are influenced by the number of persons in each group so that a larger group naturally scores higher and a smaller group scores lower.

Source: Muslims Rank Lowest For Religious Rights Protection In US, Survey Finds

Religious People Are More Likely to Be Veterans in the U.S.

Religion and military service go hand-in-hand. Here’s the data.

CHR Comment: Tobin Grant demonstrates that American veterans are significantly more likely to be church goes than those who are not religious. Evangelical Protestants and members of historically Black Protestant churches are most likely to be veterans.

Source: Religious people are more likely to be veterans: Two graphs on veterans in American religion – Corner of Church and State