Welby Defies Officials To Visit Persecuted Christians In Pakistan

The Archbishop of Canterbury rejected foreign office advice not to visit persecuted Christians in Pakistan over the weekend.

Source: Welby Defies Officials To Visit Persecuted Christians In Pakistan | Christian News on Christian Today


Pakistani Christian Girl Kidnapped, Father Murdered

The family of a Pakistani man who was killed while trying to rescue his Christian daughter from a forced Islamic marriage has been given hope for justice after the men who killed him were charged over the murder by state authorities.

CHR Comment: There is progress on this sad story as authorities seem willing to act.

Source: Pakistani Christian Family of Man Killed Trying to Save Daughter Kidnapped by Muslims to Finally Get Justice

Asia Bibi’s Last Appeal against Death Sentence

Asia Bibi, the Christian on death row for blasphemy in Pakistan, will have her final appeal against the ruling heard by the Supreme Court in the second week of October.

CHR Comment: The article includes a brief description of Bibi’s statement of faith and question that has resulted in charges of blasphemy. It also describes the belief of Pakistani Muslims that Christians are unclean and an example of how this affects social interaction.

Source: Asia Bibi’s last appeal against death sentence for blasphemy to be heard in October | Christian News on Christian Today

Pakistani Christian Accused of Blasphemy for Online Poem

The man is accused of sending a poem that insults Islam to a friend online.

CHR Comment: Pakistan has strict blasphemy laws. The article describes several examples of the law used against Christians, some of which may be based on false charges. However, a Muslim sect in Pakistan has suffered most from accusations of blasphemy.

Source: Police in Pakistan hunt Christian accused of blasphemy for online poem – The Washington Post

Pastor Beaten in Pakistan

Police barged into the United Christian Church in Lahore, Pakistan last Sunday, and brutally attacked the lead pastor in response to a complaint about alleged noise levels from the church’s sound system.

CHR Comment: The article describes the complaint to police as falsely based and as an excuse for the police officer to disrupt the church service. The congregation reported the incident and local officials have promised action against the persecutors.

Persecution of Christians is increasing in Pakistan. According to the last portion of the article, Open Doors reported last year that Pakistan was ranked eighth most severe among those nations where persecution of Christians occurs.

Source: Pastor Beaten During Church Service Amid Rising Persecution in Pakistan

Muslim Villagers Building Church in Pakistan

Muslim villagers in a Pakistani community are helping to build a church for their Christian neighbors, seeking to show peace and solidarity in a country deeply troubled by religious persecution of minorities.

CHR Comment: Pakistani Christians have too often suffered at the hands of their Muslim neighbors. The peaceful relations in Khaksabad are encouraging to see. Hopefully efforts toward peace can multiply. The church in Khaksabad was destroyed by weather, not by violence.

The story explains that Muslims in Khaksabad behave differently and perhaps believe differently too since one of the persons interviewed expressed that Christians and Muslims have the same God. However, many Christian and Muslim leaders would not agree that they worship the same God since Christians believe that God is triune and Muslims reject the doctrine of the Trinity.

Source: Muslim Villagers Building Church in Pakistan Claim Christians, Muslims ‘Worship Same God’