Ancient Papyrus Offers First Non-Biblical Mention of Jerusalem

 Israeli archaeologists unveiled the papyrus dating back to the seventh century B.C.

CHR Comment: The inscription provides evidence for an organized Judean kingdom in the century before the Babylonian exile. This papyrus is much, much older than the famous Dead Sea Scrolls, offering some hope that other early Hebrew texts may yet be discovered.

Source: Ancient papyrus offers first non-biblical mention of Jerusalem

Solomonic Palace at Gezer?

Solid evidence has once again been unearthed proving that passages from the Bible were based on actual historical events.

CHR Comment: Steve Ortiz, from the Tandy Museum of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary of Fort Worth, Texas is director of the excavation. The interpretation provided in the article will likely be disputed by other archaeologists.

Source: ‘Solomon’s Palace’ discovered in Israel, showing another proof that Bible passages were based on actual historical events | Christian News on Christian Today