Internet Archive Great for Finding Church History Texts

If you know the precise book title for a public domain work on church history, there’s a good chance you can find that book and read it on For example, this week I was looking for an edition of Clement of Alexandria’s Stromata. I searched for Ante-Nicene Fathers on and soon found the book and the passage I needed to see.

Internet Archive: Digital Library of Free Books, Movies, Music & Wayback Machine.

1860 Rise in Religious Fervor Led to “In God We Trust.”

This article about an atheist’s plans to sue for the removal of “In God We Trust” from U. S. currency explains that the motto was added around the time of our great Civil War, perhaps as an expression of people’s faith that God would lead the nation through that devastating conflict. ‘In God We Trust’: Is the motto on US currency unconstitutional? (+video) –

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Peace, Reconciliation, and the Church of England. Modern Church

This article about the first reconciliation meeting between a British royal and a leader of Sinn Fein included reference to a church service that Prince Charles would attend, memorializing the death of his godfather, Lord Mountbatten, who was killed in a terrorist bomb blast. Even with liberalization and decline in the Church of England, it still has an important role in reconciliation efforts.

Prince Charles meets Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams.

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