‘Cursed’ Medieval Well Found in England

The well was once believed to wash away sins; then it became the site of a curse.

CHR Comment: Saint Anne’s Well and its priory were built in the medieval period. The saint was supposed to have washed their, making the well a place of healing. One descended into the well and dunked in the waters. Saint Anne is the legendary mother of the Virgin Mary.

Source: ‘Cursed’ Medieval Well Found in England – Seeker


“The Art Of Dying Well” Website

The Catholic Church in England and Wales is launching a new website aimed at practically and spiritually helping both Catholics and non-Catholics alike grapple with issues around death and dying, and to prepare, ideally, for a “good death”.

CHR Comment: This is a modern version of the late medieval Ars Moriendi, by which people prepared to face death.

Source: Is It Possible To Have A Good Death? Catholic Church Launches New Site, ‘The Art Of Dying Well’ | Christian News on Christian Today

Christianity in Georgia

This ancient Christian country coveted by major powers is showing the world how a nation can survive by never relenting in its defence of its faith.

CHR Comment: The article describes the on-going influence and value of the Christian heritage of Georgia, which dates back to the fourth century. The article notes the suffering imposed by Muslims in the medieval era and by Soviets in the modern era.

Source: Christianity is this ancient country’s key to survival: Where people defend their faith ‘to the last drop of blood’ | Christian News on Christian Today