“The Art Of Dying Well” Website

The Catholic Church in England and Wales is launching a new website aimed at practically and spiritually helping both Catholics and non-Catholics alike grapple with issues around death and dying, and to prepare, ideally, for a “good death”.

CHR Comment: This is a modern version of the late medieval Ars Moriendi, by which people prepared to face death.

Source: Is It Possible To Have A Good Death? Catholic Church Launches New Site, ‘The Art Of Dying Well’ | Christian News on Christian Today

Christianity in Georgia

This ancient Christian country coveted by major powers is showing the world how a nation can survive by never relenting in its defence of its faith.

CHR Comment: The article describes the on-going influence and value of the Christian heritage of Georgia, which dates back to the fourth century. The article notes the suffering imposed by Muslims in the medieval era and by Soviets in the modern era.

Source: Christianity is this ancient country’s key to survival: Where people defend their faith ‘to the last drop of blood’ | Christian News on Christian Today

Cyprus Restores Derelict Churches, Mosques

Seyfi Tunelci long watched in sorrow as the derelict Orthodox Christian monastery at Myrtou in Cyprus’ overwhelmingly Muslim north crumbled before his eyes. Now he’s part of an island-wide team toiling to repair the medieval building and dozens of other Christian and Muslim sites that fell into ruin during decades of ethnic division.

CHR Comment: Sites range from as early as the fifth century. 120 total sites are to be restored with European Union funds. The sites include significant art work that would be lost if repairs were not made. The sites are crumbling due to neglect since the division of the island into north (Muslim) and south (Christian) areas.

Source: Rebuilding peace: Cyprus restores derelict churches, mosques – The Washington Post