Pledge to Boycott Target over Transgender Bathroom Policy

A petition started by the American Family Association on Wednesday raises concerns that Target’s inclusive stance on transgender rights encourages sexual predators and puts women and young girls in danger.

CHR Comment: The article includes a helpful infographic about a legal bill in various states. The American Family Association is an Evangelical advocate group with the mission of strengthening the moral foundation of American culture. It was founded by a United Methodist Minister. The Methodist tradition has a long history of influencing public policy through activism. The second link below is to the organization’s website.

Source: More than 700,000 pledge to boycott Target over transgender bathroom policy

Mexican Catholics Pressure Evangelicals

An evangelical community in Mexico is now suffering from lack of potable water after local authorities cut off their supply for failing to pay their contribution for the holding of a Roman Catholic fiesta in honour of a Catholic saint.

CHR Comment: The end of the article mentions 70 open cases of intimidation from the majority Roman Catholic community against Christian minority groups in Mexico.

Source: Evangelicals lose water supply as officials punish them for refusing to pay amount to fund Catholic fiesta in Mexico | Christian News on Christian Today

Conflicting Claims in Bangladesh Terrorism

DHAKA — Police said the murder was similar to other attacks on secular bloggers by Islamist militants. But fellow university teachers said the victim never spoke or wrote anything about religion or Islam.

CHR Comment: The article describes claims that Islamic State or al Qaida is present and active in Bangladesh, though the police blame the terrorist attacks on local groups such as Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen. The end of the article mentions attacks on Christian priests dating from September, 2015.

Source: Bangladesh professor hacked to death by Islamic militants | Religion News Service

Mob Destroys Uganda Church and Pigs

An angry Muslim mob slaughtered pigs owned by Christians and razed their church building in a village in Uganda last week, the Morning Star News reports.

CHR Comment: Nolugonda is an area of Uganda with a large Muslim population, which regards pigs to be “haram,” something that is unclean and forbidden to eat. In contrast, Christian farmers supporting themselves by raising the pigs. The attack represents great financial loss to the Christians in the village, who also must worship outdoors during the rainy season until they can rebuild their church.

An interesting feature of the story is the use of threatening text messages to intimidate the Christians, illustrating how modern technology exists side by side with traditional agriculture in Uganda.

Source: Muslim mob destroys Christian church in Uganda, slaughters members’ pigs, saying animals are ‘haram’ | Christian News on Christian Today

10 Quotes on Faith from Queen Elizabeth II

In celebration of the Queen’s 90th birthday on Thursday, Heather Tomlinson looks at some of Her Majesty’s comments on faith.

CHR Comment: God save the queen—literally! I enjoyed reading these quotations from Queen Elizabeth but noted that they describe Christ as an example for us to follow in considering good works, peace, and kindness to others. Although Christ is certainly an example for Christians, He is most notably our Savior who takes away our sins and grants us God’s forgiveness. In the sixth quotation Queen Elizabeth refers to this central and all important truth of the Christian faith.

Source: 10 quotes on faith from Queen Elizabeth II | Christian News on Christian Today

Muslims Converting to Christianity on the Rise in Vienna

So far this year, around half of converts to Christianity in Vienna have been Muslim, according to reports.

CHR Comment: The Vienna diocese reports between five and ten conversions per week and that about half of those converting are Muslim, mostly refugees. The article includes the personal example of an Afghani man who secretly received a Bible in his homeland and who now is converting to Christianity, though he still feels afraid of reprisals.

Source: Muslims converting to Christianity on the rise in Vienna | Christian News on Christian Today

Murfreesboro Church Hosts Meeting about Children Cuffed, Arrested, Charged

Elementary school kids as young as six were arrested for failing to stop a fight.

CHR Comment: First Baptist Church of Murfreesboro, TN, hosted a gathering of concerned parents and other citizens to discuss how police handcuffed, arrested, and charged students aged 6 to 11 years of age who were involved in a fight outside of school. Rev. James McCarroll and also Bishop Joseph Walker III of Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Nashville addressed the c. 150 who gathered to discuss concerns of social justice.

Source: Children cuffed, arrested, charged; Murfreesboro outraged

Pastor Jordan Brown’s Deception

Pastor Jordan Brown, of Austin, Texas, has filed a lawsuit against Whole Foods claiming a store employee wrote an anti-gay…

CHR Comment: The story describes how Pastor Jordan Brown of Church of Open Doors, a nondenominational organization, tried to sue Whole Foods, alleging that their employee wrote an insulting message on a cake Brown ordered. Whole Foods produced evidence revealing Brown lie and illegal effort to sue the company. The case raises a myriad of ethical concerns about Brown’s behavior and fitness as a minister.

Source: Pastor Jordan Brown: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know |

Danilov Monastery Remembered

An April 15, 2016 Religion News Service article remembers the visit of President Reagan to the restored Danilov Monastery in Moscow near the end of the Cold War (1988). The monastery dates from the 13th century and was destroyed during the Soviet era but later restored through contributions by the Russian people. Writers Tony Perkins and Frank Wolf use the historic event in commentary to ask questions about whether President Obama will similarly decry the current persecution of Christians.

Story of Attack on Australian Missionary Resurfaces

A leading Philippines presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte apologises for his comments about the rape and murder of a female Australian missionary.

CHR Comment: Jacqueline Hamill was assaulted during a prison riot in the Philippines in 1989. Video of Rodrigo Duterte’s comments about the case surfaced during a recent campaign. Her story highlights a risk of serving Christ in a foreign culture where women may not be properly respected.

Source: Philippine presidential candidate Duterte apologises for rape remark – BBC News