New Testament Archaeology

This is the beginning of a collection of links specifically on New Testament Archaeological sites. I’m finding this a difficult area to research on the web since searches do not readily pull up topics and articles. They are buried under the much broader category of biblical archaeology.

Biblical Archaeology Review, New Testament Archives

The following are potential topics for which I will compile links.

Areopagus, Athens

Athenian Agora

Burial Site of Lazarus

Caesarea Floor Mosaic

Capernaum Synagogue

Corinth Bema

Crucifixion Victim

Erastus Inscription

Galilee Boat

Great Theater, Ephesus

Joseph Caiaphas’s Bones

Judas’s House

Paul’s Burial

Peter’s House

Philippi Bema

Pontius Pilate Stone

Pool of Bethesda

Pool of Siloam

Revelation’s Cities

Sergius Paulus Inscription

Temple of Artemis

Temple Warning, Jerusalem