Poland Abortion Bill Withdrawn

Poland’s deputy prime minister says proposals for a near-total ban on abortion which sparked protests across the country will not go through.

CHR Comment: The article describes the bill as sponsored by the Catholic Church but also mentions the role of an “anti-abortion citizens’ initiative” that gathered 450,000 signatures. Likely the bill is being withdrawn before a vote as the legislators realize the votes are not present for passage. Given the large number of Poles who have expressed concern about abortion, we are likely to see a redraft of the bill, which would garner more support.

Source: Poland abortion: Deputy PM backs away from ban – BBC News


Divide over Abortion in Poland

Some businesses in Poland close for the day as thousands of women go on strike to protest against proposals for a total ban on abortion.

CHR Comment: Roman Catholic views are currently very influential in Poland. As the conservative Polish political movement raises the issue of banning abortion, some women in Poland are protesting. The article lists European countries that presently have tighter restrictions on abortion than does Poland.

Source: Black Monday: Polish women strike against abortion ban – BBC News

Conscience and Abortion

“I’m really troubled by the idea that the state can just say … ‘Your religious freedoms don’t matter to us,'” a California pastor says.

CHR Comment: The article describes the affects of current legislation on a church and a hospital employee as well as proposed legislation regarding conscience, another example of the religious liberty issue in American culture.

Source: This Nurse Objects to Being Forced to Help Abort Babies

Tim Kaine, Devout Catholic

The Virginia senator, who previously served as mayor of Richmond, talks with the Monitor about how his faith shapes his politics – and motivates him to address social and racial injustice.

CHR Comment: Two articles about the religious views of Vice Presidential nominee, Tim Kaine. Kaine represents many values appreciated by American Catholics while also distinguishing his personal views about right and wrong from those passed into law (e.g., on topics such as abortion and gay marriage). Like Methodist Hilary Clinton, Kaine emphasizes social justice.

Source: Clinton picks Tim Kaine, devout Catholic and bridge-builder (+video) – CSMonitor.com


Oklahoma Bill to Make Performing Abortion a Felony

Oklahoma’s Senate passed a law Thursday that would criminalize abortion, an extraordinary measure that places the state at odds with the nation’s highest courcould rocket the contentious issue back to the national stage despite constitutional hurdles

CHR Comment: State Sen. Ervin Yen refers to his Catholic faith when describing his prolife view but also notes that he does not believe this bill will withstand a constitutional challenge.

Source: Okla. lawmakers OK bill to make performing abortion a felony

American Christians Remain Divided Over Abortion

In February 2013, as she prepared to re-open a Wichita women’s health clinic shuttered since the 2009 shooting death of Dr. George Tiller, Julie Burkhart looked out the window of her home and saw protesters.

CHR Comment: The article opens by referring to the shooting of Tiller, an abortion provider, who was an active member of his church. The latest violence against Planned Parenthood was not purely religious but seems to have come in part from the shooter’s mental illness. Christians differ on whether abortion is about health care for women (liberal view) or a violation of the commandment, “You shall not kill/murder” (conservative view). Conservatives Christians condemn violent acts against abortion providers, though the article lists some exceptional cases where people with religious motives have attacked.

Source: Threat of violence ever-present at abortion clinics, advocates say