Aid Workers Freed Amid South Sudan Famine


(UPDATED) Eight staff members found safe and relocated.

CHR Comment: Tens of thousands are displaced. About 60% of south Sudanese are Christians. The famine is man-made due to fighting.

Source: Kidnapped Samaritan’s Purse Workers Freed Amid South Sudan Famine | News & Reporting | Christianity Today


Cemetery for Medieval Monastery in Sudan

The remains of at least 123 people have been excavated at a series of four cemeteries near the ruins of a medieval Christian monastery in Sudan.


CHR Comment: Burials dated as early as the fourth century and were for monks as well as for common people. Christian inscriptions were in both Greek and Coptic languages.

Source: Massive Burial Ground Unearthed at Medieval Monastery in Sudan

Ezekiel’s Wheel and African Spiritual

CHR Comment: The Article describes the significance of wheel imagery in west central African culture, which connected with the wheel imagery in the Bible to form an important topic of African Christian spirituality. One might also remember that Christianity was known in Africa from ancient times due to the presence of Coptic and Ethiopian Christianity. An interesting study would be to learn whether views from these Christian traditions were spread to central and west Africa, seeding the later conversion of Africans after they encountered Western Christianity. For example, are there artifacts from African forms of Christianity that show up outside the Egyptian and Ethiopian regions?

New York Times


Nigeria Chibok Girls: Boko Haram Video Shows Captives

The Nigerian Islamist group Boko Haram releases a video showing some 50 of the schoolgirls seized by the group from Chibok more than two years ago.

CHR Comment: Boko Haram continue to abuse and exploit the Chibok girls whom they took captive in April 2014. The report notes that many of these girls are Christians, now forced to “marry” Islam militants.

Source: Nigeria Chibok girls: Boko Haram video shows captives – BBC News