Christian Girls¬†Kidnapped in Egypt

A mass wave of Christian girls and women are being kidnapped and raped by Muslim men in Upper Egypt, a persecution watchdog group has warned.

CHR Comment: The article details the experience of one girl while referring to reports of numerous other incidents. It also refers to the destruction of historic churches in Egypt. In 2015 Al-Our was the proposed site for a new church dedicated to recent Coptic martyrs. However, the proposed project brought violent protests from Muslims. See second link below.

I’ve added a third story¬† below about Al-Our.

Source: Christian Girl Reveals Horrors of Muslim Mob in Egypt Kidnapping, Raping Women

Al Our Copts Harassed about New Church

The recent martyrdom of Coptic Christians caused the Al Our Christians to propose building a new church in the memory of the martyrs. However, violent protests against building the new church has sparked new violence.

Muslim groups attack Egyptian Copts over church honoring Christians killed by ISIS | Fox News.