6 Religious Leaders Will Pray At Trump’s Inauguration


Donald Trump has chosen the largest group of clergy and religious leaders to pray and speak at his inauguration next week.

CHR Comment: Evangelicals, a Catholic, and a Rabbi represent voters for Trump as well as his emphasis on traditional Judeo-Christian values.

Source: The 6 Religious Leaders Who Will Pray At Trump\’s Inauguration | Christian News on Christian Today


Franklin Graham ‘So Instrumental’ In My Victory, Says Trump

Trump’s warm words for Graham are an acknowledgment of the role the founder of Samaritan’s Purse and son of Billy Graham played in delivering his election victory.

CHR Comment: According to the article, Graham did not campaign directly for Trump but called attention to issues that brought Trump and Evangelical voters together. The role of Evangelical Christians in the Trump win is one of the significant stories in American Christianity this year. Both the Trump and Clinton campaigns courted Christian voters.

Source: Franklin Graham ‘So Instrumental’ In My Victory, Says Trump | Christian News on Christian Today

Donald Trump Has Recently Accepted Christ, Says James Dobson

Donald Trump has recently accepted Jesus Christ and become a born again Christian.

CHR Comment: I found this report surprising since I have seen different accounts of Trump’s faith (e.g., see the second article link below, which I shared earlier). Hillary Clinton is also mentioned in the article. I believe she grew up Methodist and her societal views reflect the progressive wing of that tradition.

Billy Graham is, of course, famous for his interaction with American presidents, who also influenced him. Its interesting to see Dobson and other Evangelicals carrying on those relationships and efforts. Evangelicals remain an important voting block in Republican politics.

Source: Donald Trump has recently accepted Christ, says James Dobson | Christian News on Christian Today