Arsonists Target Church of Greece Offices in Central Athens

A key Church of Greece office site in central Athens has been attacked by arsonists, who destroyed two cars in the courtyard but caused no damage to the building.

CHR Comment: The articles links recent attacks and disruptions to anarchist groups.

Source: Arsonists target Church of Greece offices in central Athens – The Washington Post

16 Churches Burned in Region of Mapuche Protests

Police in Chile say unknown attackers burned a Catholic church and downed two high-tension electricity towers in the southern part of the country.

CHR Comment: The Mapuche are indigenous people who are seeking restoration of land. Whether violent protestors are responsible for burning the Protestant and Catholic churches is not concluded in the article.

Source: Chilean Church, Power Lines Hit in Apparent Indigenous Protest – NBC News

Church of the Multiplication Burned by Jewish Terrorists

Assaults on churches by right-wing Jews, a new phenomenon, raise concern about movement’s increasingly aggressive tactics.

CHR Comment: The Church of the Multiplication is built over an ancient site associated with Jesus’ miracle of multiplying bread and fish to feed hungry crowds. It is the third church burned by Jewish terrorists who, spurred on by some rabbis, regard Christians as idolaters that must be driven from the Holy Land. According to the National Geographic article, young Jewish terrorists are adopting tactics against Christians that Jews and Muslims have used against one another for many years.

Source: Jewish Extremists’ Attacks Rattle Christians in Holy Land