Baby Jesus’ New Head Is a Bit Shocking

But the replacement for marble statue’s severed head is only temporary.

CHR Comment: There is something to say here about the challenges a church faces for maintaining fine art, which is an asset but can also become a burden since later generations have difficulty matching the earlier quality. Would it have been better to leave this temporary head off?

Source: Baby Jesus’ new head is a bit shocking

Art Restoration Gone Wrong

The children thought the etching of a skier had become faded, so they scratched over it to make it easier to see.

CHR Comment: The article refers and links to the 2012 story of an attempt to restore a fresco, which resulted in the destruction of the fresco. Although churches benefit from owning valuable art, they also face the daunting challenge of maintaining it and protecting it.

Source: ‘Good intentions’: Treasured 5,000-year-old Norwegian rock carving destroyed by well-meaning kids – The Washington Post