Why are Kenyan Churches and Mosques Being Painted Yellow?

Churches and mosques in Nairobi are being painted a vibrant shade of yellow to demonstrate a “shared humanity” and highlight that there is more that unites people of different faiths than divides them.

Source: Why are Kenyan churches and mosques being painted yellow? | Christian News on Christian Today


Paul Smith’s Typewriter Art

No one else in the world can do this.

CHR Comment: Fascinating personal interest story about an artist with cerebral palsy. He overcame his tremors by choosing a medium that allows him to apply ink to paper—a clever solution to a vexing problem. The video highlights Paul Smith’s faith, which he expresses through his art.

Source: You think that it’s a picture of a squirrel! But zoom a bit closer. What the devil?!?

Barbie Dolls Posed as Religious Figures

Argentine artwork featuring 33 Ken and Barbie dolls as religious figures doesn’t play well among all Catholics.

CHR Comment: What seems most offense if the description of religion as “plastic,” that is, implying that religion and religious people are fake. The article states that Roman Catholics in Peru were very offended by the exhibition. One should note that only 400 people were going to attend. This seems like a stunt by the artist to gain attention rather than saying anything substantive about religion or art.

Source: Ken stands in as martyred Jesus, Barbie as Virgin Mary

What Did Jesus Look Like? National Geographic

These depictions of Jesus provide a pretty good overview. However, when the article asserts that Jesus was not depicted with a beard until the fourth century, I would question that conclusion. The fresco at Dura Europos (second image) might have included a beard on Jesus’ chin. The state of the image makes it difficult to tell. Other early depictions borrowed from existing Greco-Roman depictions of gods or heroes (think stock art), who typically did not have beards. So the evidence is not quite so helpful for determining how to depict Jesus.

Isaiah 50:6 speaks prophetically about Jesus’ suffering and describes Him as bearded. That prophecy may have helped settle early Christian depictions that became standard in later centuries. It would be interesting to research the history of interpretation for Isaiah 50. That Jesus was of Jewish descent is beyond dispute.

The Evolving Look of Jesus – Killing Jesus Gallery – National Geographic Channel.