Chinese Christians Apply for Asylum in Czech Republic

Religious freedom violations in China have once more been thrust into the public eye after 60 Chinese Christians applied for political asylum in the Czech Republic.

CHR Comment: The 60 Christians represent 10 different denominations. Christianity is growing in China and so faces various types of persecution. The article states that the asylum seekers are not likely to receive the help they seek.

Source: Dozens of Chinese Christians apply for ‘religious persecution’ asylum in Czech Republic | Christian News on Christian Today

Sanctuary Movement Offers Refuge For Central Americans Facing US Deportation

The Sanctuary Movement made headlines in January by providing refuge in Philadelphia to a Honduran woman whose two children were born in the United States.

CHR Comment: The article provides two very different figures for the number of churches participating in the Sanctuary Movement. One pastor says 50, another mentions 300. Since persons from Central America may be eligible for asylum, the churches offer them a place to stay until their status is confirmed.

Source: Churches Offer Refuge For Central Americans Facing US Deportation

Refugee Resettlement Process Leaves Syrian Christians in the Cold

President Obama said Monday there should be no religious test for refugees fleeing the crosshairs of a bloody Syrian civil war and the expanding reach of ISIS, but critics contend the current refugee placement process is rigged against Christians and the administration has turned a blind eye to the bias.

CHR Comment: Christians are not going to the United Nations refugee camps that would allow them to apply for asylum since those camps include groups that would persecute Christian refugees. As a result, fewer Christian refugees are accepted into the United States. According to reporter Cody Derespina, even though Christians make up 10% of Syrian refugees, Christians only represent 1.6% to 3% of refugees granted asylum since the civil war started in 2011.

Source: Refugee resettlement process leaves Syrian Christians in the cold | Fox