JPMorgan Chase and Christian Identity in the Workplace

As much as we might be inclined to get Christianity a seat at the table in the identity regime, this would be a mistake.

CHR Comment: The article tells the story of a successful Christian prayer group that was disbanned from meeting on company property while other groups were allowed to continue meeting.

Source: Christian Identity in the Workplace | Elliot Milco | First Things

Somalia Bans Christmas Celebrations

Somalia’s government bans the celebration of Christmas, warning that such Christian festivities could threaten the nation’s Muslim faith.

CHR Comment: Somalia is more than 99% Muslim, operating under Sharia law. So this decision is not too surprising. According to the article, the ban applied to public observances that might take place in hotel lobbies (e.g., putting up a tree). Christians could observe the holiday in their homes.

Source: Somalia bans Christmas celebrations – BBC News