Thousands of Muslims in Bangladesh Reportedly Converting to Christianity

Christian persecution in Bangladesh hasn’t waned, but surprisingly, the number of Muslims converting to Christianity in the South Asian country has been increasing over the years.

CHR Comment: The increasing number of Christians occurs in opposition to persecution. The article describes how new Christians meet in house churches that are not marked as churches due to the possibility of persecution. There are also reports out of Europe that Muslim immigrants are seeking Baptism.  Missionaries used to describe the challenge of reaching Muslims with the Gospel. Today it appears that more Muslims are welcoming the Gospel.

Source: Thousands of Muslims in Bangladesh reportedly converting to Christianity | Christian News on Christian Today


Terror Campaign in Bangladesh

Assailants hacked a Hindu holy man to death Friday in northern Bangladesh and fled without anyone witnessing the attack, which police suspect was carried out by Islamist militants.

CHR Comment: The article describes the murder of eight minorities in this Islamic country. In some cases, Islamic militant groups claim responsibility. The fourth paragraph mentions a Christian grocer who was killed only two days before this latest attack.

Source: Hindu holy man hacked to death in Bangladesh

Ten Ministers Receive Death Threats in Bangladesh

Single letter lists names of priests in and around the city of Rangpur, saying that they will be killed one by one.

CHR Comment: The threat was received by Pastor Barnabas Hemron of Rangpur Baptist Church. (The writer apparently incorrectly titles Baptist ministers as “priests.”) The person who sent the threat wrote that Muslim laws would be applied in Bangladesh. According to Rev. John Sagor Karmakar, about 30 ministers and others have restricted their activities in view of threats. Recently, an Italian medical missionary, Piero Parolari, was shot; Pastor Luke Sarkar escaped an attempted murder.

Source: Ten priests receive death threats in Bangladesh – Al Jazeera English