William Tyndale, Martyr

One of the pioneers who brought us the Bible in English was William Tyndale, who is remembered today, October 6.

Source: William Tyndale: 10 Quotes From The Martyr Burned For Translating Scripture | Christian News on Christian Today


Crossway Reverses Decision to Make ESV Bible Text Permanent

Amid much public debate, publisher says strategy for a ‘stable’ Bible was a ‘mistake.’

CHR Comment: Continual new discoveries in biblical studies, such as archaeological finds that amplify our understanding of the Bible, as well as changes in the English language make it wise to maintain a translation rather than make it permanent. The ESV is an excellent modern translation for Bible Study due to its consistency in representing Greek and Hebrew terms and expressions. It is also highly readable. Lane Dennis has served the church well in making the ESV available and affordable for other publishers to use.

Source: Crossway Reverses Decision to Make ESV Bible Text Permanent | Gleanings | ChristianityToday.com