Remembering Thomas Oden

Tom saw as his primary task the discernment of how the Holy Spirit was leading the church and how, in his role as a pastor and academic, he might fit into the Spirit’s leading.

CHR Comment: Oden became a leading proponent for studying and valuing the history of biblical interpretation as a guide for interpretation and application of the Bible today.

Source: Remembering Thomas Oden | Joel Elowsky | First Things

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Armageddon News Says World to End July 29

But the polar flip that those folks base it on is real.

CHR Comment: Armageddon News is a YouTube channel that releases predictions based on their interpretation of biblical texts. The article lists a number of examples of failed prophecies from this group, which would mark them as false prophets according to Deuteronomy 18.

Armageddon News describes itself simply as “A Christian Channel, bringing you the truth about the Last Days.”

Source: World to end July 29, says group that’s always wrong