Oxford University Will Keep Statue of Cecil Rhodes

Oriel College, one of 38 largely self-governing colleges at Oxford, said it would keep the statue of the man regarded by many as an architect of apartheid.

CHR Comment: Cecil Rhodes, namesake of the Rhodes Scholars, was the son of an Anglican pastor. Rhodes studied briefly at Oriel College and later developed white supremacist views. He practiced colonialism, which has tarnished his business accomplishments in the mining trade. Oriel College has deep connections to Christian history from its medieval foundation to the modern Oxford Movement. The story illustrates issues of legacy and power due to the large donation Rhodes left to the school.

Source: Oxford University Will Keep Statue of Cecil Rhodes – The New York Times

Moody Bible Institute and Business. Christianity and Culture

An interview with author Tim Gloege about his research into the influence of Evangelicalism on business and on middle income Americans. The Bible became a workers manual or contract for productivity.

Religion in American History: Guaranteed Pure: A Conversation with Tim Gloege.