Christians Resettling Northeastern Nigeria

For years a key state in Islamist terror group Boko Haram’s attempt to create a caliphate, parts of Adamawa state in northeastern Nigeria have now been liberated by government forces. However, as civilians begin returning home, they are finding it difficult to adjust to life after the insurgency.

CHR Comment: Years of fighting resulted in the destruction of homes, churches, and wells, making resettlement difficult. Boko Haram remains a threat active in the country though their efforts to form a caliphate have failed.

Source: Churches destroyed, Bibles burned: Nigerian church leader on Christians returning home after Boko Haram

Archipelago Islam and Christianity in Indonesia

Indonesia is the world’s most populous Muslim nation, but are its local Islamic traditions in danger of being overtaken by fundamentalism?

CHR Comment: Archipelago Islam is, according to Yenny Wahid, a more peaceful form of Islam that developed in the islands of Indonesia. Such Muslims have tended to be more tolerant of Christians. However, Muslims in Indonesia are becoming less tolerant. Large majorities now support Sharia law and the formation of a Caliphate. Christians there are experiencing increased persecution. Indonesia has the largest number of Muslims of any nation in the world. If they radicalize, as has happened in other nations, persecution of Christians might greatly increase.

Source: Is Indonesia winning its fight against Islamic extremism? – BBC News

Christianity in Iraq Could Be Eradicated in Five Years

CHR Comment: An Aid to the Church in Need representative predicts that the c. 260,000 Christians in the region could be martyred or forced to emigrate if the ISIS Caliphate continues to grow. The article questions what Christians in other parts of the world should or could do to help Iraqi believers.

Source: ‘Convert or Die’: In a caliphate-ridden Iraq, Christians face ultimate choice | Fox News