Atheist Leading United Church of Canada Congregation

The Rev. Gretta Vosper could see her ordination as a minister in the United Church of Canada, the country’s largest Protestant denomination, stripped because of her outspoken embrace of atheism.

CHR Comment: A surprising example of how Protestant decline is affecting the liberal and ecumenical United Church of Canada. Apart from the notoriety, one wonders why the congregation would continue to present itself as a Christian Church. Would not honesty alone call for a change in name and stated mission for this organization?

Source: Can an atheist lead a Protestant church? A battle over religion in Canada. – The Washington Post

Canadian Christian Law School Fights Accreditation Ban

A Christian university in Canada is appealing a court ruling banning its accreditation because the school opposes homosexuality.

CHR Comment: Trinity Western University usesĀ a “community covenant” wherein members of the campus community solemnly pledge to abstain from certain behaviors including sins like lying, gossip, obscene speech, stealing, etc. (applications of the Ten Commandments and other biblical teachings). Canadian courts have thus far ruled in favor of the school’s religious freedom to use the community covenant.

Source: Canadian Christian Law School Fights Accreditation Ban Over Opposition to Homosexuality

North Korea Sentences Canadian Pastor to Life in Prison

Hyeon Soo Lim received life in prison with hard labor Wednesday for what was called crimes against the state.

CHR Comment: Pastor Lim, who was in North Korea offering aid at a nursing home, a nursery, and an orphanage, confessed to using religion to undermine the North Korean state as well as other charges. However, the article points out that such confessions have been coerced from prisoners in the past. Lim was pastor at Light Korean Presbyterian Church in Toronto.

Source: N. Korea sentences Canadian pastor to life in prison