Praying Cop

“I will never, ever forget this, nor will my family.”

CHR Comment: A police officer’s care, willingness to listen, and to pray changed the day for this distraught driver who had just learned about his daughter’s cancer. This is a good example of how mercy can supplement effective police work and our lives together in Christ. No doubt, the man’s driving was much safer after he pulled away.

Source: He Got The Worst News Of His Life. Then, A Cop Pulled Him Over…


GoFundMe Campaign Backfires on Cancer Patient’s Mom

Government income limits could keep the family from collecting $15,000 in donations.

CHR Comment: Tavi Gilmore is fifteen years old and needs chemotherapy. Riverton Park United Methodist Church is offering assistance to the family though such generosity has simultaneously interfered with the government assistance the family was receiving. This is a good example of how taking initiative to help oneself can backfire under government regulation. Lord, have mercy.

Source: GoFundMe campaign backfires on cancer patient’s mom

Jimmy Carter Teaches Sunday School Hours after Grandson Dies

Jeremy Carter died after his heart stopped and couldn’t be revived, former president says.

CHR Comment: The death of Carter’s 28-year old grandson was a surprise and not well explained in the article. Also missing was any discussion of heaven and the promise of the resurrection through faith in Christ. Perhaps all of that was discussed but was not included in the write up. Former Pres. Carter was recently in the news having announced at this same Bible class that his cancer was in remission.

Source: Jimmy Carter teaches Sunday school hours after grandson dies