Muslim-Christian Clash in Central African Republic

At least six people have been killed in fighting between rival rebel groups in the Central African Republic, the UN mission in the country says.

CHR Comment: The violence began when Muslims ousted the president in 2013. Christian militias responded and there has been continued conflict ever since. The latest violence was Muslims against Christians. I have added a second link below that reports the number of deaths as 26.

Source: Central African Republic rival rebels clash in Kaga Bandoro – BBC News


Pope Francis Declares Extraordinary Jubilee

Pope Francis opened the Holy Door at St. Peter’s Basilica on Tuesday, marking the beginning of the Jubilee of Mercy — a special Holy Year, amid heightened security. More than 10 million pilgrims are expected.

CHR Comment: While visiting the Central African Republic, Pope Francis announced an extraordinary Jubilee. According to the article, a jubilee of mercy and indulgences typically occurs every 25 years. But Pope Francis has declares this new one after only 15 years.

Source: Pope Francis opens Holy Door to begin Jubilee of Mercy

Christian Militias in Central African Republic

Shocking probe by UN human rights investigators comes days ahead of visit by Pope Francis.

CHR Comment: The anti-balaka (“anti-machete”) militias are fighting with Muslims Seleka rebels over power in Central African Republic. Government troops make up a third force in the nation. People in this region are superstitious about witchcraft. According to a United Nations report, Christian groups have extorted money from people by accusing them of witchcraft, then gathering a bribe from them. Some who cannot pay are burned. A local clergyman who intervened was likewise injured. However, according to a Voice of America article from 2014, the anti-balaka groups may have Christians or practitioners of native religion. Their actions are not so much religious as political and vigilante. The nation is supposed to have an election of new leaders in December.

The second and third links give further information about Central African Republic.

Source: Christian militias in Central African Republic ‘burnt witches at stake’, says UN report – Telegraph