Cemetery for Medieval Monastery in Sudan

The remains of at least 123 people have been excavated at a series of four cemeteries near the ruins of a medieval Christian monastery in Sudan.


CHR Comment: Burials dated as early as the fourth century and were for monks as well as for common people. Christian inscriptions were in both Greek and Coptic languages.

Source: Massive Burial Ground Unearthed at Medieval Monastery in Sudan


More Than 80 Anglo-Saxon Coffins Uncovered

Archaeologists uncovered an Anglo-Saxon cemetery in England with dozens of rare wooden coffins arranged in rows.

CHR Comment: This find dates to the early years of Christianity among the Anglo-Saxons and proves to be Christian as the burials do not contain grave goods and they are oriented East/West as is typical of Christian grave yards. A wooden chapel may have stool on the site.

Source: Surprise Find: More Than 80 Anglo-Saxon Coffins Uncovered in England

Christian Burial Sought for “Elephant Man”

“Elephant man” should be given a Christian burial, according to campaigners who are determined to see his remains removed from their glass viewing case at Queen Mary, University of London.

CHR Comment: Although Joseph Merrick died in 1890, he was never properly buried. His bones remain on display in a glass case at the Queen Mary Museum of London. Museum curators argue that medical students should be able to see Merrick’s bones; descendants of those who worked with Merrick believe he should receive a proper Christian burial as a man of sincere faith.

Source: ‘Elephant man’ was a devout believer and should have Christian burial, say campaigners | Christian News on Christian Today