Thousands of Atheists to Rally on the National Mall

CHR Comment: The concern of the atheists, agnostics, and others who gather is the separation of church and state. They hold that reason and science should guide policy rather than religious ideology. A similar rally was held in 2012 with about 10,000 people attending.

The article also notes that 90% of congressmen identify themselves as Christians. Many of the other 10% are likely Jewish. Only one member of congress does not have a religious affiliation: Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.).

Source: What Happens When Thousands Of Atheists Get Together On The National Mall?


Putin Visits Mt. Athos Monastic Community

On his first trip to a European Union country this year, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday sharply criticized western policy toward Moscow, describing a newly expanded U.S. missile defense system as a threat to his country’s security — and vowing to retaliate.

CHR Comment: The end of the article briefly mentions Putin’s visit to the monastery along with Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, illustrating the church-state diplomacy current in Russia.

The second link below is to a BBC article/video, “No Women Allowed: Sacred sites where even Female Animals Are Banned,” which describes the restrictions of various religious sites such as Mt. Athos.

Source: Putin blasts West on first trip to EU country this year – The Washington Post