French Evangelicals Plant More Churches


Evangelicalism in France is on the rise, a study by the National Council of Evangelicals in France (CNEF) has found.

CHR Comment: A new church started every ten days. Other church bodies in the nation are declining. These Evangelical congregations may be picking up members from other churches.

Source: French Evangelicals Defy Decline – Open A New Church Every 10 Days | Christian News on Christian Today


Arabic Speaking Church in Portland, OR

Meet the retiree-turned-pastor who’s creating a home for Portland’s Arabic Christians.

CHR Comment: The article describes the spread of Arabic speaking Christian churches along the west coast. The Pacific Northwest is the least Christian area of the United States.

Source: Planting an Immigrant Church in America’s Whitest City

Christians Facing “Indonesian Jihad”

If you look to the left as your plane approaches the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport near Jakarta, one can easily see the 153-foot Christ Blessing statue in off in the distance in Manado City.

CHR Comment: Christians in the Aceh region face opposition from the Muslim majority. The region is governed by Sharia law. In October a group of Muslim’s carrying axes and machetes attacked a church in Suka Makmur. 8,000 Christians were “displaced”; one person, thought to be a Muslim attacker, died from a gun shot. Tensions are increasing in the capital, Jakarta, as Christians from outlying areas move into the city to find work. Attempts to start churches are being violently opposed or stopped through prejudicial regulations.

Source: Christians facing ‘Indonesian jihad’ as churches burned on imams’ orders: report | Fox