Ben Carson Takes Donald Trump to Church

The Republican nominee delivered a scripted speech to black churchgoers in Detroit on Saturday in his latest attempt to connect with African American voters.

CHR Comment: Ben Carson escorted Trump to the service at Great Faith Ministers, a point unfortunately left out of the article. We pray that Carson’s humble and sincere manner continues to have good effect on this presidential candidate.

Source: Trump well-received by Detroit church: Should more remarks be scripted? (+video) –

Martin Luther King Day: What His Unfulfilled Dream Has to Say to the Church

CHR Comment: Krish Kandiah provides his perspectives on the significance of King’s speech, noting that if King had not been shot, he would now be 86 years old. Kandiah helpfully describes some of King’s rhetoric, which draws deeply on biblical and American texts to make a compelling case for peace and freedom for people of every race. King’s dream remains as real as it is unfulfilled. Kandiah shows that this speech is inspirational not only to Americans but to persons around the world.

Source: Martin Luther King Day: What his unfulfilled Dream has to say to the Church | Christian News on Christian Today