In Defense of Christians

(RNS) The plight of Christians in the Middle East is all but ignored, say their advocates.

CHR Comment: The article describes a Washington DC conference intent upon addressing the plight of Christians in the Middle East such as the Assyrian Christians and the Copts in Egypt. These minority religious groups are subject to persistent persecution in recent years. The conference also mentioned the suffering of the Yazidi people who practice a form of Zoroastrianism.

Source: Activists: West is ignoring genocide of Middle East religious minorities | Religion News Service

Christians Coping with Persecution Worldwide

Under Caesar’s Sword conference in Rome explores strategies in 100 beleaguered communities.

CHR Comment: Christians are adopting a variety of strategies in dealing with persecution. The article lists responses such as fighting back, seeking help from authorities, fleeing, accepting second-class status, and viewing persecution as normative.

Source: Beyond Fight or Flight: $1 Million Reveals How Christians Cope with Persecution in 30 … | Gleanings |