Controversy Mars Mother Teresa’s Canonization

For a nun whose name has long been a byword for pious compassion, her canonization has been met with controversy.

CHR Comment: Allegations are brought by persons in India who believe Calcutta’s reputation was badly damaged by the presence of her mission, as though Calcutta was the worst place for poverty. Others question the amount of suffering endured by persons who were terminally ill under her care. There are also complaints from atheists that Mother Teresa was a fraud. Despite these complaints, the “controversy” seems rather small compared with the broad support for her mission.

Source: Mother Teresa’s Canonization: Controversy Mars Nun’s Work – NBC News


Pastor Enoch Adeboye’s Controversial Comments

One of Nigeria’s most high profile pastors gets social media cooking with comments about what makes an ideal spouse.

CHR Comment: Pastor Enoch Adeboye of Redeemed Christian Church of God, one of Nigeria’s faster growing congregations, sparked controversy while teaching about male and female relationships and roles. The comments appeared in a video released online, which generated many views and responses.

Source: ‘Don’t marry a woman who can’t cook’ – BBC News

Pope Francis Publishes First Book

Pope Francis lays out his case for emphasizing the merciful face of the Catholic Church in his first book as pontiff, saying God never tires of forgiving and actually prefers the sinners who repent over self-righteous moralizers who don’t.

CHR Comment: Based on reviews, Pope Francis is clear that he believes God is merciful and that Christians should also be merciful. However, the book is not clear on another point of doctrine that is essential to that emphasis. It does not provide clear answers about sin, or at least about certain controversial topics. If the doctrine of sin remains unclear, then the doctrine of repentance and forgiveness remains unclear. If forgiveness is unclear, people may be left in self-righteousness or uncertainty and the result is not mercy but malaise. More to come on all this, to be sure.

The second review posted below includes some direct quotations of the book. His comments on the issues of corruption are most interesting.

Source: Francis lays out case for mercy in 1st book as pope – The Washington Post

USA Today Review with Quotations

Vatican Appoints PricewaterhouseCoopers to Audit Accounts

For the first time the Vatican submits its finances to an external auditor as part of Pope Francis’ bid to bring greater transparency to the Catholic Church.

CHR Comment: To learn more about the financial controversy, visit the second link below.

Source: Vatican appoints PricewaterhouseCoopers to audit accounts – BBC News