Official: Nigerian church that collapsed, killing 160, had many faults

The state governor has ordered the arrest of the chief engineer.

CHR Comment: The building collapsed while the bishop was being installed. Allegations of corruption are the basis of the investigation.

Source: Official: Nigerian church that collapsed, killing 160, had many faults


Fundraising Miracles! Vatican Issues New Rules

The Vatican issued new rules for the process to determine if healings qualify as miracles for sainthood.

CHR Comment: Of all things to attract corruption, you wouldn’t think that the lives of honorable Christian people and miracles would be among them. But apparently there is always someone somewhere ready to make a buck no matter how disgraceful the enterprise. It’s good to see that the Vatican is responding to these reports of corruption and improving their process.

Source: Vatican makes new rules for miracles for sainthood

Pope Francis Publishes First Book

Pope Francis lays out his case for emphasizing the merciful face of the Catholic Church in his first book as pontiff, saying God never tires of forgiving and actually prefers the sinners who repent over self-righteous moralizers who don’t.

CHR Comment: Based on reviews, Pope Francis is clear that he believes God is merciful and that Christians should also be merciful. However, the book is not clear on another point of doctrine that is essential to that emphasis. It does not provide clear answers about sin, or at least about certain controversial topics. If the doctrine of sin remains unclear, then the doctrine of repentance and forgiveness remains unclear. If forgiveness is unclear, people may be left in self-righteousness or uncertainty and the result is not mercy but malaise. More to come on all this, to be sure.

The second review posted below includes some direct quotations of the book. His comments on the issues of corruption are most interesting.

Source: Francis lays out case for mercy in 1st book as pope – The Washington Post

USA Today Review with Quotations

Pope Francis Due in Kenya at Start of African Tour

Pope Francis is due in Kenya at the start of a three-nation visit to Africa, with thousands expected to come out to welcome him on his first visit to the continent.

CHR Comment: According to the article, the chief topics that Pope Francis will address are corruption, poverty, and religious conflict. In some of the nations he will visit, Muslims have attacked Christians (e.g., Kenya). African Catholics are gaining influence at the Vatican due to their increasing numbers. The article notes that one out of six Catholics lives in Africa.

Source: Pope Francis due in Kenya at start of African tour – BBC News

Vatican to Try Five, Including Reporters, over Leaks Scandal

The Vatican on Saturday ordered five people, including two Italian journalists, to stand trial for leaking and publishing secret documents, in the latest development in a leaks scandal which is rocking the papacy.

CHR Comment: The leaks involved financial information, which the reporters described as representing the values and interests of the Vatican, resulting in mismanagement, greed, and corruption. The leaked or stolen information was recently published in two books titled Avarice and Merchants in the Temple. The latter is available in English and is currently ranked as a best seller in Italian history.

Source: Vatican to try five, including reporters, over leaks scandal | Reuters#qgoX7TFPEl4pddRW.97