Medieval Pilgrims and Leprosy

One of the skeletons buried in the leprosy cemetery in Winchester appears to have been a pilgrim.


CHR Comment: The spread of leprosy preceded the crusades. Europeans may have contracted the disease while on pilgrimage to the Holy Land and brought it back to western Europe.

Source: Leprosy: Medieval pilgrim burial sheds light on how disease spread

The Crusades in Political Speech. Obama

This article Edward B. Driscoll, Jr. opened by taking Obama to task for criticizing the Crusades. The article continues by describing an eight-part video on the Crusades in The Western Story. A criticism one might provide is that the facts and perspective in the article are definitely western in perspective. The Byzantine and Eastern Christians saw things different as did, of course, the Muslims. Broadening the perspective would help.

The truth about the Crusades.