Nobel Laureate Tutu Celebrates 85th Birthday

Nobel laureate Desmond Tutu shed tears of gratitude on his 85th birthday Friday as he presided over a cathedral Mass despite his poor health. And in a newspaper column, the former archbishop said he would like to have the option of a “dignified assisted death” when the time comes.

CHR Comment: Tutu has been an advocate for many liberal theological views, the latest being homosexuality and assisted suicide.

Source: Nobel laureate Tutu celebrates 85th birthday, giving thanks – The Washington Post


Desmond Tutu’s Daughter Deposed from Priesthood

Ordained in Virginia, Mpho Tutu-Van Furth’s situation reflects the split over LBGT rights in the Anglican Communion.

CHR Comment: The circumstances of the wedding are especially odd given that Van Furth is apparently an atheist and lives in Holland rather than South Africa. One wonders whether the arrangement is more political than a lifelong bond, given that the issue of same-sex marriage is to be discussed by South African Anglicans in the next year. Mpho Tut-Van Furth cannot currently serve in South Africa but can in the United States, illustrating differences across the Anglican communion.

Source: Desmond Tutu’s daughter married a woman, and was forced out of the South African clergy – The Washington Post