John Kevin Wood Sues to Protect Daughter’s Religious Freedom in School

The Woods are suing Maryland’s Charles County Public Schools, the Board of Education, and La Plata High School’s principal and vice principal.

CHR Comment: Wood sought the help of The Thomas More Law Center, a non-profit that pursues cases of discrimination against Christians (see second link below). The law center describes itself as the Christian response to the American Civil Liberties Union. An effort to prevent discrimination against Islam can result in discrimination against Christianity according to the law suit described here. The situation illustrates how difficult it can be to discuss religion in an American public school classroom under current law. Nevertheless, religion remains one of the most influential topics in people’s lives, making it an important topic of discussion.

An additional article illustrates a similar problem in Austria where a teacher altered a Christian hymn so as not to offend Muslims in the classroom.

Source: Dad Sues to Protect Daughter’s Religious Freedom in School