Medieval Pilgrims and Leprosy

One of the skeletons buried in the leprosy cemetery in Winchester appears to have been a pilgrim.


CHR Comment: The spread of leprosy preceded the crusades. Europeans may have contracted the disease while on pilgrimage to the Holy Land and brought it back to western Europe.

Source: Leprosy: Medieval pilgrim burial sheds light on how disease spread

Telling the True Story of Thanksgiving

A National Geographic film takes an even-handed approach to the story of Thanksgiving.

CHR Comment: The film should be interesting. The article fails to mentions some important features of the history, such as the way some Indians looked to the Europeans as potential allies against other Indians as well as the role of disease, which was the primary cause of the decimation of the Indian population. Jered Diamond’s “Guns, Germs, and Steel” helps explain the role of disease especially well. I hope the film likewise describes the Puritanism of the Pilgrims, understanding them as Christians. The second article linked below refers to a documentary in PBS’s American Experience series, which is also about the Pilgrims.

Source: Voices: Telling the true story of Thanksgiving

Pilgrim Double Feature