13th century man buried face down



He looks like a friendly sort of guy, a geography teacher who helps out with the local football team or perhaps a social worker who visits an elderly neighbour for a chat in his spare time. But, in fact, this is the reconstructed face of a man who died in Cambridge more than 700 years ago. It is believed he was homeless when he died as his body was found in the grounds of the Hospital of St John the Evangelist, which was a charity that provided refugeĀ for those who had nowhere else to stay, were ill or infirm.

Source: What an ordinary 13th century man looked like, scientists reveal | The Independent


Lord’s Prayer May Cause Offense

The Church of England is threatening legal action over the rejection of a one-minute film featuring the Lord’s Prayer that it wanted to run before showings of the new Star Wars film that opens shortly before Christmas.

CHR Comment: The Lord’s Prayer is perhaps the most widely known text of the Bible since it is memorized and most frequently repeated among Christians. The smartly placed ad was rejected by Digital Cinema Media.

Source: Church of England fighting ban of ‘Lord’s Prayer’ film spot | Fox News#.VlJujKzTcCE.email#.VlJujKzTcCE.email