Would-be Dutch PM: Islam threatens our way of life


In interview, front-runner Geert Wilders says anti-immigrant fervor is sweeping Europe.

CHR Comment: Wilders sees Christian and Jewish values as foundational to Dutch society. An example of European politics looking to religion for direction.

Source: Would-be Dutch PM: Islam threatens our way of life


Americans and Europeans on Adultery

Whereas 84 percent of all Americans believe such behavior would be unacceptable, only 47 percent of all French and 60 percent of all Germans think so.

CHR Comment: The study reveals surprising differences in the views of Americans and Europeans on the topic of adultery. However, as the final story in the article reveals, a complicating factor is that Europeans increasingly do not marry but live together. Without the bond of marriage, opinions about what constitutes adultery may have changed. In America, churches still strongly oppose adultery while liberal churches are changing other moral standards regarding sex.

Source: Americans condemn adultery, but many Europeans don’t — and probably never will – The Washington Post

St. Nicholas for Nice Children; Krampus for Naughty

The integration of Syrian and Iraqi refugees in rural Austria is facing a terrifying challenge this holiday season.

CHR Comment: Sometime in the medieval era the Christian feast for St. Nicholas, a historical fourth century bishop, was mixed with pagan folklore about a humanlike beast that punished naughty children. This is the Austrian version of the “naughty or nice” element in modern Christmas celebrations. This a good example of syncretism in European Christianity.

Source: Austrian Villagers to Refugees: Please Don’t Fear Krampus – NBC News