Could Evangelical Christians Soon Be Running Brazil?

Evangelical Christians are expected to influence big advances in local elections in Brazil this weekend.

CHR Comment: The growth of Evangelical churches in Brazil and changes to campaign finance laws have combined to give Evangelical voters and the candidates they support increased influence. For example, a pastor is running for mayor of Rio de Janeiro. This could be interesting as Brazil struggles to deal with corruption problems in its politics.

Source: Could Evangelical Christians Soon Be Running Brazil? | Christian News on Christian Today


Donald Trump Has Recently Accepted Christ, Says James Dobson

Donald Trump has recently accepted Jesus Christ and become a born again Christian.

CHR Comment: I found this report surprising since I have seen different accounts of Trump’s faith (e.g., see the second article link below, which I shared earlier). Hillary Clinton is also mentioned in the article. I believe she grew up Methodist and her societal views reflect the progressive wing of that tradition.

Billy Graham is, of course, famous for his interaction with American presidents, who also influenced him. Its interesting to see Dobson and other Evangelicals carrying on those relationships and efforts. Evangelicals remain an important voting block in Republican politics.

Source: Donald Trump has recently accepted Christ, says James Dobson | Christian News on Christian Today

Evangelicals and Foster Care

The next wave of the evangelical adoption movement will rely on the church’s support.

CHR Comment: The article describes the increasing involvement of Evangelical churches in foster care and adoption, which they view as ministry to orphaned children. Kelly Rosati suggests that foster care may become a standard ministry in churches such as men’s ministry, women’s ministry, or youth ministry is today.

Source: How to Address America’s Foster Care Crisis? It Takes a Village | Her.meneutics |

Real Evangelicals Believe These 4 Things

Researchers should define Evangelicals by their beliefs, not by their political demographics, the church they attend or what they self-identify as, the NEA and LifeWay Research have determined.

CHR Comment: The researchers began with seventeen statements and narrowed it to four. Oddly, none of the statements of faith are about the Trinity, perhaps assuming that doctrine or trying to accommodate non-creedal groups.

Source: Real Evangelicals Believe These 4 Things