20 Lessons I’ve Learned Since Leaving The Church

CHR Comment: This was interesting to read for anyone thinking about church life and what is called “backdoor loses,” where people drift away from the church and do not return. The writer describes her experience, expressing resentment and disappointment. What I find interesting is her continued appeal to the importance of salvation, Jesus, and the Gospel, which she well perceives to be the central matters of Christian life.

Source: 20 Lessons I’ve Learned Since Leaving The Church


Yale Profs Call “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife” a Forgery

In 2012 this purported fragment of a Coptic manuscript made headlines because in the text Jesus referred to “My wife.” Yale professors now conclude that it is a forgery. The article explains how they have reached that conclusion.

Why would a forger create this so-called Gospel? Likely motives include issues of women’s rights in the church such as the recent decision of the Church of England to ordain women bishops.

New clues cast doubt on ‘Gospel of Jesus’ Wife’ – CNN.com.